Community Transformation Programs

Reaching out, helping educate, providing food & water, build homes, raise up leaders, and meet immediate needs in times of distress. 


Community Transformation

There are many community transformation programs you can invest in to help HAM care for Grand-Goave and the surrounding areas. By doing so, you have the opportunity to transform a family or even a whole community.

  • Water wells $7500 per well. The need for clean drinking water is the highest priority in the community. Women and children from the surrounding area typically walk around 5 km two or three times a day. Drilling for a clean source of water typically reduces disease in rural communities by over 50%. The community of Grand-Goave can benefit from at least 10 more water wells.

  • Food distribution $3000 per distribution. The HAM church engages in a food distribution to members of its congregation and the community, which occurs quarterly and provides 500 families with rice and other basic necessities. You can contribute in a share for $150.

  • Home care kits $35 each. Provide home care kits that are equipped with day-to-day supplies such as toiletries and small linens, to families in the community that are in need. 
  • French/Creole Bibles $15 each. Provide Bibles to the local church for distribution to new believers and in evangelism efforts. 
  • Ministry conferences/Seminars $1,000-$8,000 event. Provide a special week or days of meetings for leaders, women, men, youth or children including providing a daily meal or snacks. You can contribute in a share for $250.
  • Goats for farm & families- $60-100 each. HAM is currently partnered with Farmhouse Natural Cheese in Aggasiz, BC, to operate a goat farm in Haiti to help provide the community with training for goat farming. HAM also helps provide goats for families to promote self-sufficiency through husbandry.          

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