Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Bonswa Family, Friends, Prayer Warriors

Tonight was our last night on the roof together under the stars, muggy and tired but without a drop of rain on our heads. Tonight we were the big group on the roof – actually a new family connected by our Haiti experience, with joy and sorrow, gladness and struggles still going on amidst rejoicing and victory. It is with mixed emotions we leave to rejoin our everyday walking around lives. Yet, we know God is on the move and we must move with Him with the rhythm and pace He sets for us.

Last time I was here I summarized a lot of what we had experienced together. Tonight, I’ll do some of that too…we were stretched in new directions, challenged to be outside our boxes or for some got back into our boxes.

From property walks – four properties now with a bakery space being built to painting and building, from the Petit Goave Hospital to Community walks, church meetings in the evening and Sunday service and the great surprise of trading out a community walk to be a part of the community that celebrated twenty-five being baptised, to the beach and back again several times. The food in the guest house was yummy and the goat and coke was great too. A growing children’s village with a new baby finding a home while our team was here is a definite highlight, a vision becoming a reality. Seeing children in both the main compounds is heart warming and delightful when you hear their laughter and recitation at school.

It’s a joy to be together and difficult too, many bodies in warm rooms require grace – and we extended that over and over to each other. Trying to be the first one to pray to get everyone to the dinner table, to a full church. A great big family. God’s family. What a beautiful family to belong to.

It was incredible to see how many things that were able to be accomplished in such a a short time for those who were about the many areas we were able to lend a hand too. God is so good and provided energy for the moment so many times that it is hard to count.

We learned to focus on what was before us and to be flexible when things changed and change they did several times. We witnessed a wedding car full with a decked out bridal party, the incredible baptism’s and on our way back from Taino a celebration of life. Life in Grand Goave is active.  

One of my favourite moments was an amazing community walk. Glory be to God!!

Our team(s) were very engaged and well prepared to share testimony, encouragement, pray for and be prayed for. I was personally prayed for in a style – Haitian style that was very real and personal, I’ll save that for a conversation with you if you want to know about it just ask.  

It was beautiful to see the making of new friends in spite of language barriers, the renewing of old friendships and the joy of the Lord so evident in daily life. Many of us have renewed the commitment of a deeper fellowship with God and with those in our lives.

We thank you for your prayers before and ask for you to continue to pray as we return home. We will see you all soon.

God is good, all the time.

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