Well, we just finished the last full day in Haiti, and the team is packing up to head to the airport at the bright old hour of 0430. As I am remaining in Haiti for a few extra days, I was tasked with the blog tonight. So, here's a quick recap:

The bunk beds received their final coat of varnish this morning, and Pastor Marc informed us that he's already got an infant already in mind to be sleeping in those bunks. Carrie and Wendy even got to spend some time playing with the kids at the school. Before heading out to the beach after lunch, we pulled out a few soccer balls and played with some of the kids in the yard. Carrie, Wendy and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon at the compound, waking around and soaking in our last few hours of sun and sweat. After another delicious supper, we had a brief tarantula wrangling session before having our final debrief with everyone on the roof, sharing our experiences and highlights with Marc and Lisa. Finally before heading off to finish all last minute packing, we sang and ate cake in honor of Al's 50th birthday tomorrow!

Well, we've finished all our projects, eaten our final mangoes, taken our last cold showers, played with our last tarantula and given our last hugs to our Haitian friends. The bags are packed and everyone is off to sleep ...

See you soon,

Jess (and the rest of the Daystar Team)