So, on Monday our fearless leader Jerome got hammered.

Yep, so hammered his eyes were blurry – well one eye anyway. The big rubber mallet we were using to put tight parts together broke as I was hammering. The end bounced, and hit Jerome so hard that I was amazed it didn't break his cheekbone. With ice quickly applied (thanks to Carrie's fast running), the good ministrations of Wendy (one of our nurses), and lots of prayer and laying on of hands, by the afternoon it was much healed and he was able to continue work, which he then proceeded to do jumping around on a rusted tin roof with flip-flops and saggy cross members. After slicing his finger half off the next morning trying to cut open his shaving cream can to get the last drop, we again laid on hands, prayed, and Bill decided we needed a safety meeting. For the rest of the trip we are watching him like a hawk, praying daily for the Lord to protect him, and jeering him constantly about what he is and is not allowed to do ;).

Doing the tin roof on the outside cook house was a bit interesting. In the middle of the roof the tin sheets over-lap a couple feet and it was a really good place for big nasty cockroaches and spiders to hide. Scared us pretty good the first time or two we ran into them, but armed with hammers and a big can of bug spray we soldiered on lol.

Today we also stretched our comfort zone a little by visiting a few neighborhood homes and evangelizing. Each member of the team took a turn introducing ourselves, explaining what we are doing in Haiti with Haiti arise, and sharing a brief testimony and prayer for the family and their specific needs. What an amazing experience. The Haitian's are so open and welcoming and so receptive to a word about God. By Haitian standards we are rich, but the more I see, the more I realize that they may not have as much financially, but they are far richer in spirit – and we could learn a little from them.

We are heading into our last day here and spirits are high. We have completed several projects, and have a good start on a few more – so we've had a chance to bring some real help to Haiti Arise. Even better, Haiti has changed our hearts and viewpoints significantly since we arrived. They have such an amazing vision here, and are doing such great things for Haiti, it has been a privileged to be involved. We will be happy to get home and see our family and friends, but I know a part of us will miss some of the great people and experiences we have shared.

See you all soon!