Well, it's been a busy few days (Jadine just corrected my word choice here, she's still doing it) and we've been a bit absent. Thought it was time we send a quick update.

So on Friday, we set off for a day trip to Jacmel. It's about a two hour drive, up and over a mountain on the south side of the island. Almost everyone in the van was feeling green as we twisted and turned along the way. We arrived in town without anyone loosing their breakfast. First, we stopped at a ocean resort for cold drinks, with a beautiful cove and picturesque view. Then we continued to the city, where we walked the boardwalk and made our way to a restaurant for lunch. It took two hours from order to service, so many of us walked along a cobblestone street checking out stores, artwork and historic buildings. The voodoo influence seems very heavy in that area, especially in the artwork.

Saturday began with a few different adventures. Jessica, Jadine and Bill spent the morning teaching English class at the technical school where the students were eager to practice their translation skills. They were very interested to learn about the cold weather and snowmobiling in winter. We certainly gave them some challenging words to translate. The rest of the team went to experience the market in the center of town, then did a second varnish coat on the bunk beds. Then in the afternoon, we hit the beach for a sun-filled afternoon of water and waves. Some snorkeled, while others sunbathed and ate lobster. I think all of us came back to the campus a little red, with Pastor Jerome in the lead as he forgot to apply sunscreen after taking his t-shirt off and going for a swim.

Sunday is a simple but beautiful day here, with an early church start of 0800, where we worshipped with the Haitians, Carrie and Arnie gave their testimonies, and Pastor Jerome presented a powerful message. In the afternoon, most of the team returned to the beach, while Jessica went with Lisa Honorat and a small teach to do visitations and food serving at the nearby prisons. We finished the evening with a walk and supper at one of the local restaurants in Grand Goave.

And today, we got back to work!

Jess & Jadine for Team Daystar


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