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This morning was our last day of painting at the new school. Things are looking pretty awesome and I’m really proud of everyone chipping in to get so much accomplished.

After lunch we found out there were going to be water baptisms down at the ocean. We all got ready for a start time of 3pm but Haitian time kicked in and the crew didn’t leave until around 4pm. It’s a beautiful thing to step out of the business that we’re so used to back home and just let life unfold here without the stress of missing something or disappointing someone.

The baptisms were beautiful! 24 people openly declared their love for Jesus! Only 2 of them were adults and one was a blanc ( one of the missionaries ) all the rest were young people. God is raising a new generation that will follow Him and create lasting change in this country.

This evening we attended our last prayer service at church. We worshipped and were so blessed to hear our very own Robin and Sherry give testimonies from the platform of God’s faithfulness in their lives. Luke brought us an amazing message! That man is so very gifted! And he did great with the interrupter…. I mean, interpreter ;)

He riled the people and raised their faith as he taught on the perspective of bringing our lives, no matter the condition before God with Praise.

He taught us to Focus, Thrive, and take Victory. Then He ended his talk with a song:

There is Power in the name of Jesus x3 to break every chain x3

And there’s an army rising up x3 to break every chain x3!

It was powerful to see so many people come together in Praise singing the same song in different languages. Proclaiming the Victory our God has given us!

For me personally, God has used this trip to speak His adoration over me.

I wrote this in my journal yesterday:

“ it struck me today that the lessons I’ve learnt here were worth the $2600 that God paid for me to come. It overwhelms me that he thinks I’m worth that type of investment.”

I’m sure God could have spoken to me just as clearly at home but for His reasons he chose to send me across the world to a place with minimal distractions where I am surrounded by people who love me and treasure me to teach me this next lesson:

He challenged me to consider Canada as my mission field.

It feels like the time I have spent here in Haiti has made me fall in love with Canadians all the more. It’s funny the things we take for granted when we stay in our comfortable bubbles too long…

The people here live in materialistic poverty, but don’t for a second think that makes them poor. They are rich in faith and relationships and love.

These people will restore your faith in the goodness of humanity. They will teach you what serving another person should look like, and they will teach you to love yourself more then you thought possible. They see value in things that our culture has substituted for iphones and televisions.

I’ve become convinced that we are the ones who are poor and in need of the missionaries.

I’m excited to come home and see where and how God leads in this area. I know that the future is bright and full of hope for us. God is speaking and moving everywhere. And He is breaking chains across the world!


Painting supplies ready for another day of work.

Painting supplies ready for another day of work.

Water breaks are important.

Water breaks are important.

Pastor Marc and Pastor Wade with the people who were baptized today!  Very special!

Pastor Marc and Pastor Wade with the people who were baptized today!  Very special!

The jeep we ride in to get to the beach - definitely off road vehicle. 

The jeep we ride in to get to the beach - definitely off road vehicle.