We started out the day with praise and devotions. The ladies from Cornerstone church apparently love our singing – thanks to Nialle's good influence. We were discussing how we are all part of the body of Christ and we can't all be the mouth or the hand. We broke into laughter and teasing half way through decided Jerome should write a sermon on hand foot and mouth disease ha ha.

We had so much more rain that everything was wet and muggy, 6 inches overnight I was told. Unfortunately due to this, both church last night, and school this morning were a no go. Basically the roads and living conditions here make it very tough on the Haitians when there is this much rain. They only have so many nice clothes and limited transportation options, so the rain and mud shut many things down.

We got lots of work done on the bunk beds today as well as other projects, including an hour spent sweeping the rain out of the Technical School, and then had a great time sharing with Marc and Lisa about Haiti Arise. We not only got more of the amazing story of how Marc and Lisa met and the idea of Haiti Arise was born, but more of how God has made such amazing things happen here in the last few years. Since finishing the main building and tech school one month before the earthquake, they lost the tech school completely and the wall keeping the compound safe was destroyed. Undaunted, they didn't give up, they thrived. Through prayer and God's grace, not only is the tech school and wall back up, there have been more additions of a mechanic shop, wood working shop, temporary children's school with almost 500 kids, and now they are finishing up the new permanent kids school and children's village. God is truly amazing, and alive and well in Haiti!

The team is bonding so well, we are becoming a mini family, with fun, laughter, games, and emotional sharing in overflow. For example, when deciding to forgo our group debrief this evening, we learned that Al only de-briefs in the shower and the Muppet “Mana mana” song is the exact sound Jadine makes when fighting a moth with a full mouth of toothpaste. The experience is already so enriching, and it's only just started. I can't wait to see how the next several days unfold. Although of course we still miss our families, we are having a fantastic time and I think every one of us is so glad that we came on the trip.

Take care everyone and God bless.

Carman (and a few words from Jess)