Good evening from Jadine and Jessica in Grand Goave, where we are listening to the rain fall after a productive day. 

This morning we went on a short walk to see the Children's Village, which is about 5 minutes away from where we are staying. There they have built what is going to be the new school, once the painting and finishing work is completed. There are also four houses in a separate area which offer a safe and quiet place to live for orphaned and high-risk kids. There are already two houses in use, one with five kids and the other with three, each run by Christian parents. They are hoping to be able to house up to 150 children one day. There is a nice big garden and lots of room for the kids to run around and play.

When we got back to the campus, we got to work. Projects included painting and construction of wooden bunk beds for the Children's Village. The guys were very efficient and got a lot done in a few hours. Jadine and Wendy had fun using the power tools, while Jess and Carrie were human clamps! Work smarter not harder, right?

What else? We discovered that Deet mosquito spray attracts mosquitoes to Carman, and it removes toenail polish on Jadine. None of us have gotten a sunburn yet, but a few of us have had some headaches the last 2 days, but we are making sure to drink lots of water. The meals at Haiti Arise are amazing. Props to the cooks!

We start and end our day with team meetings/devotions. We are having some good conversations and a lot of fun working. We are excited for the week to come!

Jadine + Jess :)