So we made it home, but we feel as if there are some things that were left unsaid. We would like to speak this last blog entry like a prayer from deep inside, from the places that this trip touched deep within us. God give us your ear:

O Lord you blessed us so, we stand before you changed, in complete awe of the paths that crossed on this trip, of words that were spoken from the place that you dwell within us, for breaking our hearts for what breaks yours.

Thank you father for growing not only this group of six but by adding people to our team and writing them as brothers and sisters, as family on each of our hearts.

You showed us that to love the least of us isn't to show the world what we have done, but to show the world that the least of us possess more than the majority of us.

They hold your hope up high and yell their gratitude straight into the heavens. You showed us a people who just want to be known by you, Lord, and our knees are buckled by your humbling of our hearts.

O Lord, thank you for showing up in every single circumstance and giving us the opportunity to come before you unhindered by what this world has tried to make us, but by truly walking in who you called us to be.

You are amazing Lord.

You showed us people in the mountains who literally own nothing, but would gladly give us their last bite of food, not because of what we had done, but because of what you have done in their hearts.

You showed us a people crying out from the darkness, asking for things to be placed in their hands. But, you showed us that their outstretched hands where just an extension of their hearts pressed outwards asking to receive you, Lord. Let those hearts be filled with your truth, Lord.

You showed us a people who wouldn't assume to know another's heart, and we stand utterly convicted by this simple kindness that we honestly rarely extend to others. Praise you Lord for new eyes.

Thank you, Lord.

You are great.

You are kind.

You are so so good.

Thank you, Lord.

You sent us to a type of Hell in our flesh and turned it into Heaven in our hearts.

You sent us on an adventure with no clear destination, but never stopped calling us to the places that held your treasures, O great King.

You sent us with people who ache for your truth, Lord;

a nurturing Mother,

an unshakable wise man,

a joyful angel,

a humble preacher,

and a courageous young man,

all of which hold your truths on the tip of their tongues, and your kindness in the palms of their hands ready to walk hand in hand with whoever you place in front of them. O Lord, thank you!

Let us keep these people in our hearts cry, Lord.

Let your will be done in Haiti, Great King.

Breathe new hope and a new joy into your every day missionaries that have chosen to leave their homes to spread the gospel and let those of us who remain at home remember that our mission has just begun and continue to stand boldly in your great name.

In Jesus name we pray, may your will be done.

Grace Gate Gommunity Church Haiti 2017 Missionary Team