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Bondye Beni Ou         

Scott is a master of languages – he’s helped us to learn to say ‘God Bless You’ in Creole.

Sunday, the day of rest.  That is, our cooks are not here today. 

We helped ourselves to breakfast; boiled eggs, Corn Flakes, and milk made of powder  (Haitians don’t drink milk).  It tasted great!

In fact, we are so blessed by the simple things; showers that are cold water only,  fans that work, occasional air conditioning in our rooms and cool clean water.  I’m sure our group has drunk more water than we have ever imagined we could!

There have been some of the team feeling a little off at times but no major sickness – Praise the Lord!  Thanks for your prayers!

We’ve had some downpours of rain in the evenings. Two inches in a short time. It’s hard to imagine how the people in the community deal with such downpours, having seen the make shift one room homes they live in.

The group is enjoying our work and our ‘down time’.  We feel the heat and rest when we can. 

There will be some stories to tell.

This morning the church was full to capacity.  Scott and Marian shared a testimony.  Luke and Alisha sang “Extravagant” and Byron shared a message about God’s Love.  It was a blessing to sit amongst the Haitian believers, worshipping the same God.  They sing with passion and expression. 

This afternoon we enjoyed some beach time.  The water is warm and wonderful.  We made sure Byron wore water shoes so we would not have a repeat of yesterday’s drama.  Be sure to ask Byron the story of how he was helped.   We were also very appreciative that Dianna from the Three Hills team was able to help.  She’s a foot care nurse.

We went into the village for dinner tonight – an interesting experience eating in a ‘restaurant’ in town.  Two choices;  chicken or goat. To drink; coke, sprite or a very sweet fruit drink.  We’ll have to wait till morning to see how that settles with us all.

It’s been a very good day.

Thanks be to God.

And we continue; one day at a time.  

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Hey Back Home to our Family, Friends and the Faithful Prayer Warriors who go to battle on our behalf. Your intercessory prayers have moved hearts and hands into action. Our lives look different than when we came and we are grateful for your willingness to press in own our behalf. God is creating a newness in us.

For those who have been to Haiti before you know it’s the turning day as one week finishes and Monday arrives - our hearts become challenged to be in two places at once in a new way. Please pray us through this time of change.

More adventures to follow; if your love one hasn’t blogged yet please be expectant. Please continue sending encouragement through this blog, we all look forward to hearing from you. This is a terrific team and they are hoping you will take some time with them to hear their hearts when they get home. They have great stories.