Well sunday has come and is almost gone. We started the day once again on the roof top having devotions and watching the sunrise bright and early at 6:30. Devotions were lead by Jordan where he shared how God has worked in his life.

We then headed downstairs where we had a breakfast of cereal, hardboiled eggs and Haitian bread. Our cooks get Sundays off so we are a little on our own for food, haha. We then were headed out the door by 7:45am for church.

Church started out with sunday school classes being quizzed abut what they learned and were asked to recite the scripture that was learned. Then we started into worship, were it had a Caribbean feel to the music. It is very upbeat, passionate and loud.  They were kind enough to post the English lyrics (along with the creole) on the powerpoint so we were able to sing along with them.

We then had a couple of the Surrey team members share testimonies of how God has worked in their lives, they were able to get what they were saying to be translated by Pastor Marc.

Pastor Byron from the surrey team gave a sermon translated by pastor Marc. Byron preached on the topic of God's Love and how it is something that we can't earn. He used the example of the prodigal Son and how the Son thought life would be great outside of his father's house. He shamed his father when he left and after he had "lived his life" he came home in his own shame. He thought that there was no why he would be welcomed back as a son but was hoping to return to his father as a servant. His Father received him home as a son and celebrated his sons return.

Church was just over 3 hours long a little bit longer than our own church services, haha.

After church we headed back to the guest house and waited for our premade lasagna to be cooked for lunch. After lunch some of us headed back to the beach for a couple hours in the afternoon. For anyone who wanted they could order a "lobster" it is more like a very large crawfish. Our team ordered only one and a few shared it. After a couple hours we had to make the trek back to the house to shower off the salt water and walk to a Haitian restaurant where we got the option of chicken or Goat as the main dish. On the side was plantain, a pasta salad, pickleaze (a spicy coleslaw). To top it off we got a coke out of a glass bottle. I don't like pop but Haitian coke is made with sugar cane instead of the corn syrup like our is and it is imo 100 times better. It was all quite delicious. We then walked home in the beginning of a rain storm. All in all it was a good day and back to work tomorrow, finishing up some projects and starting some small projects.