Well Saturday has come and gone. We started the day with the promise that 3 sheets of plywood would be delivered this morning. We checked. Nothing by 9:00 AM so the Bethel group walked down to the market to see what was happening. The walk was about a mile and a half on the streets (no shortcut today because of the 1.5 inches of rain we received over night.) the dirt streets where muddy but passable by walking first on one side and then the other. The sun was beating down and the humidity was 90% or more. 

At the market we saw many sights you don't see at IGA. The isles are 4 feet wide with hundreds of people going every direction. Bananas, Mangoes and Dachein along with dry goods where observed . We where invited to tour a bakery where they where making buns and cooking them in a stone oven. (Very interesting). Team members purchased items from the vendors and we saw a live pig riding a motorcycle. Yup you got it. He was tied on for safety. as it struggled the driver would hold it down on the back carrier. No buddy seemed to notice but I saw the pig later on a butchers table. I guess his bike riding days are over.

We continued through the market looking for sunglasses. a dress for one of the men(he looks good in it). After two hours we started back to the Haiti Arise compound. We stopped at a small hardware store and bought 6 real sharp metal machetes as gifts. I hope the children enjoy playing with them???? 

After lunch we checked to see if the ply wood had been delivered. NOPE. so we headed to the beach for our fist opportunity to relax in the warm Carribean water. Snorkeling was wonderful exploring the coral reefs with a multitude of life. One of the Surrey group stepped on a sea urchin and was attended to by a team of Haitian folks who seemed to know what they where doing. Hopefully he will be good tomorrow. 

We returned for supper and found the plywood had been delivered so after we ate, the entire Bethel team went to the church to work on the instillation of the final sheets for the morning church service. Praise God the floor is finished and ready for service.

That's it for today