Bloggers:  Dennis and Luke

The Lord is so good! Today we started off with our rooftop morning routine with worship and a devotional brought to us by Roxanna. We reflected on the powerful work the Lord did in the hospital last night. As Yolanda shared last night, we went from ward to ward singing the Gospel and praying over the patients. As we went throughout the facility, we ran out of the money that we had on hand… but we knew that God wanted us to continue to provide for those in desperate need. Leah, the wonderful Haitian pharmacist that went a long with us, took note of all the prescriptions and procedures that were still needed. She added up the expenses and thanks to your great generosity we were able to provide $1700 which allowed each person in the hospital to get help! The Lord so faithfully provided and we are humbled to have been able to be his hands and feet in that hospital last night.

Today the team was able to change up the school painting routine with tan paint instead of white. It’s been great seeing the progress being made.

The duplex that Scott and I (Luke) were working on is just about complete! We’ve got all the bedroom and living room furniture made and now the two of us are building matching dining benches to the already made table. It looks fantastic.


Soon and very soon the walls, rooms and items we’ve been singing and praying over will be overrun with laughter, joy and hope as children and families come and inhabit the space we’re preparing. God has truly blessed us to be able to sow into this ministry here and the work we’ve been doing will bless many for years to come.

Love you all, we covet your prayers.

What can I say, it’s been two years since my first trip to this wonderful island of Haiti. The people, culture, texture, food and warmth of the people here is still just as I remember…however my endurance has lost its punch.

We have a great group this time, all supporting each other from the rushed time in the Vegas Airport and God coming through as he has throughout this trip, to the blessing we could give at the hospital.

It’s not that Satan wasn’t trying, it’s just the group wasn’t listening to his promptings. It’s been harder on me to take the heat, not doing well… I’d appreciate prayer for energy and functionality. God is good in all this mild confusion.


-Continue to pray that we get the rest needed to get up and at em in the mornings.
- Tomorrow we do our community visitations, pray for our time ministering to the surrounding village.

What was accomplished:

-Scott & Luke began building dining room furniture

-Majority of the team got started on the tan colour of paint at the school

-Prayer item: Community Visitations tomorrow morning

The entrance gate to Haiti Arise

The entrance gate to Haiti Arise