Here we are, day 6 already. What a blessing Haiti has been to our team and our souls. We each have grown a little closer to God, each other and understand ourselves a little more. Each day is different and never goes as planned...but each day brings new blessings and a deeper appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 

Haiti is full of Satan. Evil is prevalent here. A lady from the Surrey Team said it very well when she said, " It is easier in Haiti to see the distinction between God and evil. Back home it is harder to see and is more complicated. It is almost refreshing." As I reflect on that, I see that the faith here is a lot more prominent than what we see at home. The average Christian in Haiti only has hope in God, nothing else...nothing. In Canada, we have hope in all sorts of things; tomorrow, money, skill, routine, friends, church, government...lots of things. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the world and miss out on God. 

That is what we do, we miss Him because our hope and faith is in what we can do. Wade, our host, said there was a pastor who preached a sermon He would never forget. He said to the Haitian people that since they now have more than one meal a day they are losing their faith in God. That is a bit of a sobering thought.  I ask the question to myself, "Ho much does God matter to me?"

Many of us worked on the church again today. We almost finished the floor, and have been working with two Haitian men named Pastor and another named Mackenzie. We are close to done, but ran out of material again! We are hoping to repair the roof, but the material that came is all sorts of wrong! So we plan other things. 

Greg was able to help figure out, best he could, the issues they are having with their electrical supply wire from the generator to the house we stay in. He did a great job and would love to get behind the controls of a machine that could put the new wire in...though there is no machine available and the wire is long from here/paid for/known about for more than a day.

Kim was by herself at the Children's Village Duplex scrubbing duct tape off the tile floor, and doing touch up paint. Though she was alone, she says she was able to send lots of time with God! Cam was working on the church here at Haiti Arise, but pray for him because he has a lot of pain in his back, neck and hips.

Ungers seem to be doing great. The kids are loving it here. Caleb plays much of the day with the other kids on the compound, Benjamin works hauling concrete, digging and getting tools, Abby has been painting and playing as well, and Daniel is our transit man, measuring the heights of the floor in the church wile hauling (more) concrete (than his brother).

We did visitation this afternoon in the neighborhood. It was a blessing to be a blessing. We visited 4 families. Each of us took a turn to share a bit of our stories one at a time and pray for them. We saw some things we will likely never forget there. 

This evening we spent time listening to Marc and Lisa's story of Haiti Arise. They spoke about where Haiti was and is now as a result of the work God is doing through Haiti Arise. It was very encouraging to hear what God has done and to see the fruit of His work here in Haiti. 

God bless you all and encourage others to read our blog. Comment with encouragements after reading. Thanks for your prayers. 


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