We woke to another bright and beautiful day here is Grand Goave Haiti. We started with our team devotions on the roof as the sun rose above the trees. After breakfast our team split up and went to work. Greg, Rob, Jordan, Benjamin, Daniel and Cam headed over the church to continued our repair of their rotting floor, we poured the remaining footings, jacked up the roof posts and set up temporary supports for them. Kim, Diana and Abbey headed to the childrens village where they continued to clean up and do touch up painting in the 2nd childrens duplex prepping it for a new set of house parents to move in and take children. After lunch the men headed back out to the church where we got the remaining cement blocks installed on the pilings and began to repair floor joists and sheeting the floor. The women headed back to childrens village where they went to work on painting the brand new school. Today was the hottest day that we have had since arriving. After supper, we cleaned up and got ready for church. Tonight is the prayer meeting at the church. Their prayer meeting goes a little different than ours, haha. Their prayer is everyone praying at the same time, out loud and walking the aisle. You cannot mistake their passion, they pray like their lives depend on it, because it does.

While the rest of the team was at the prayer meeting, their fearless leaders, last minute decided to head over to the childrens Village with Marc and LIsa to watch a beautiful 3 month old boy, named Johnny, being accepted into one of the children's village home.

What to say about this experience.  I felt so honored to be able to see Marc and Lisa's dream in progress.  It was so wonderful to see these homes that so full of life.  Homes that we have spent 4 years working on getting it ready for a family to live in.

so we sat there as the house mom was brought to the house, because she had left to go to church.  while we waited we watched the 3 children in the house, and the joy In their eyes.  Marc calls himself Grandpa to these kids, and gave lots of hugs and kisses to all of them.

when the mother arrive she instantly took the baby from the lady who had been caring Johnny.  She instantly took the baby and stripped him and down and looked over his entire body, to see the baby's health condition.  then she fed him.  and then the mother and the caregiver gave him a bath.  After a bath, the mother put lotion over the babies entire body.  Baby was then warped upand we all then stood around and prayed for this little one, prayed that satan would not have a hold on his life, that he is God's child, and prayed for protection over all the children's village.  Then the caregiver kissed the baby's head, and then headed to leave, as she reached the door she started to cry.  It took everything in me not to follow after her and giver her a hug.  she has cared for Johnny for 3 months, when his mother had not taken care of him.

After watching the kids laugh and play around the living room, we headed back to the campus, just in time to see everyone getting out of church.

After we sat under the mango tree, and shared some good stores and lots of laughs.  Now we are on the porch just talking about our time here and our plans for what we want to accomplish before we leave.

We are all very much enjoying our time, and Enjoying what God is showing us and teaching us, and seeing how He is working all around us!

Cam and Kim