Today was another beautiful day in Haiti.  Kim, Diana, Abigail and Caleb spent the morning at the children's village, starting out by helping the Surrey Alliance team paint the new school.  Once they ran out of paint, the three ladies (Kim, Diana and Abigail) headed up to the duplex that is almost ready for a family to move into.  It was in serious need of a thorough cleaning, so they spent the rest of the morning working on cleaning that out.  Meanwhile, Greg, Rob, Daniel, Benjamin and myself worked on the much needed repairs at the Manaheim Church on the Haiti Arise main campus.  The roof on one side of the church is falling, the floor has rotted as well as the support for the wall.  We have started to work on repairs, which include removing the rotten floor and pouring footings for the wall to sit on.  Daniel and Benjamin dug a drainage pit to help keep the water away from the foundation, and helped carry pails of cement for the footings.  It has been a joy to work here, knowing that the work being done on the church will help keep the building together for years to come.  Caleb has befriended Marc and Lisa's son, Austin.  He spent the afternoon playing soccer with Austin and some of the older kids.  Abigail has also made friends with the Honorat's daughters, and spends part of her day being entertained by them.  Our kids have also found great delight in greeting all the Haitian kids as they arrive at the preschool - Grade 4 school on the campus.  The Hatian kids are so excited to get high fives and shake hands, and quite a few hugs are shared as well.  Benjamin has already decided that "When I come back next time, I want to stay a month!"  I love his enthusiasm.  Daniel is also enjoying himself, and I'm sure he would come back if he had the chance.  The cockroaches, however, are a major downside for him.  He is a little concerned about them.  

BANG! Sorry, my train of thought was just interrupted by a fairly common sound on campus, a nice, juicy mango bouncing off a tin roof.  We have grown mildly accustomed to the sound of a mango falling out of the trees, guarding our heads if we are under the tree.  Incidentally, the Haitian men are incredible climbers, they have been up in the trees picking mangos the last few days.  

Abigail has been handling the attention well, even though it can be a little awkward.  The groups went on a walk yesterday, touring the children's village and the goat farm.  On the walk, a group of kids was intrigued by her arm, and the youngest one was brave enough to come to Abi and take hold of her short arm.  Later that day, we asked Abi how she felt, and her response was that she wished she could speak their language so she could share about herself. 

Caleb is, well...Caleb.  He is young, and easily bored.  He has enjoyed helping paint the school, and plays hard in his free time, to the point that he is almost asleep by supper time.  Today, he discovered mangoes.  A little leery of the fruit at first, this afternoon he watched the other kids picking and eating them, and decided to try one as well.  I think he has found a new favourite food.  The mangos here are delicious.

As for the rest of the team, well, you'll just have to wait for them to take a turn at blogging.  Today has brought to you by the number 6 and the letter U, as I have posted for the 6 Unger's in Haiti.  Til next time, have a good night!


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