We made it! God has blessed this team with a wonderful trip here...with a few slight hitches. Our first flight from Calgary to New York was decent. We were thankful to get to New York with only a slight delay, though we knew it was going to be tight to get to our next flight to Ft. Lauder Dale. We got off the flight and asked the man at the gate where our next gate was located. He told us to go to the next building, so we left security, walked the streets of New York, mildly frustrated...but with good Christian composure about us all. We then arrived at the next gate and found out that we were misinformed. Normally this would not be an issue, but we had about 20-30 minutes to get back through security and to our next gate. 

To make a long story shorter, God made a way, though it included arriving late to Ft. Lauder-dale. Once arriving there we found a nice comfortable spot to sleep in the airport floor, and fell fast "asleep" with the sound of the airport announcements, bright lights, floor cleaning, and Bill the Sandwich Grabber snoring in the distance! 

Up at 4am we were on to Haiti and landed in the rain. Made it through customs with little trouble. We were met by Wade, loaded our stuff, and were off to Haiti Arise. The drive started out with a lot of talk and excitement. The tiredness quickly caught up to us and one by one we started to take in all we were seeing. 

The Unger children fared the trip really well. They are still tired, but we all are. It has been an encouragement to us to see them take the same trip as the adults, and still have reasonable attitudes towards others and their siblings. Ask how the kids are doing today and they would tell you they are tired and hot! 

We have just gone through our first full day at Haiti...and wouldn't you know it, our plans have changed. We came with the expectation that we would be splitting up the team by having three of us dive 3.5 hours south to build houses while the others stayed here at Haiti Arise to do the odd projects around here; painting, repairing fences, building benches...

However, the rain was flooding in the south so much that the bridges were becoming compromised so much so that we could not travel. So, now we are all here, painting, plumbing, fixing the church walls that have rotted out, among other projects. 

We just had our first church service today, the last one before it is skillfully renovated, and it was a great experience. Maybe a notch louder than we are used to though! In a word, "Freedom." God is alive and well in Haiti. His hand is moving and His Spirit is active. Though we could not understand much of what was said, we were worshiping the same God as His Spirit moved. No one holds back, there is little attention to perfection, but there attention was on making things functional as every heart seems to be open to what God was doing, not what anyone can do there. 

After that we went on the (flat)  roof of the house we are staying in and had a time of worship, discussion and prayer. We sung praises to God with the Team from Surrey Alliance then went on our own to discuss what we have been experiencing, followed by prayer. It is a blessing to worship together as a team as we become more trusting with each other as we share these experiences. 

Please pray:

- That we are protected from the devil and his plans to distract us with tiredness, sickness, headaches, as well as our own personal distractions.

- We will be filled daily, moment for moment by the Spirit of God relying on His strength for what to say and for the work we need to do.

- Praise Him for the safe travels we have had

- Praise Him for the open hearts we already have

- Continued Fair health

- Praise Him that the team is opening up to each other in very positive ways

- Pray that we will continue to keep our eyes on Him as we do His work here, that we do not get distracted from seeking by the work we have to do. 

God bless you Bethel...PR