A still and muggy day. Theresa started the morning devotion with reflection on what our assets are: Galations 5:22 and 6:22, as well as Phil 1:1-11. We pondered on what our physical assets are, as well as the fruits of the spirit of caring, giving, patience and love that we can give to others, bringing honor to God.
Following breakfast we headed to our clinics. The clinics ran smoothly. The eye clinic completed the elementary school kids screening and then some more community adults were done.  We saw lots with red eyes today..but little that we could do for them.
In total 177 were screened, with 70 glasses given out.  The dental clinic saw 14 people. Val also completed an assessment on a 6 month baby that had had a traumatic birth.  She provided pointers on stimulating and strengthening his muscles. It was a difficult situation as it was notable that the child had developed a brain injury even though surgery had been done to remove a clot.  Liam spent the afternoon assisting Lisa with the music kids, working on their instruments.
We attempted to enjoy the evening air on the roof top as we had for the last four evenings but the smoke from the surrounding area became too much and so we spent time together in the common area. Struan pulled out the keyboard and we had every variety of music. Val brought out her knitting and Liam brought out a trumpet. Lots of singing and entertainment.
We've enjoyed time with Marc and Lisa to hear how God called them and gave them the vision.  Pastor Wade agreed that when God calls you, you must follow.  If they were living their lives for themselves, they would not be serving here.  Wade shared "you don't just accidentally trip and land in Haiti".  It is God who brings you here and just maybe we are seeing a time when the third world church is ministering to the first world church. Haiti is poor in many ways but faith is not one.  God shines brightest in the darkest places.
Serving for His glory and to encourage!
Team Trinity