As we prepare for bed, we are listening to Erin's beautiful voice, which was recorded by her Momma.  We hear Trinity was a blessing at the music festival.  So sorry we missed it.

Today we enjoyed devotions by Liam.  He challenged us to imagine a new color.  He pointed out how we start to blend colors we know, which means they already exist.  He compared this to
trying to explain to friends and family at home about Haiti.  You just simply can't understand unless you come and see...just like Jesus and the disciplessaid.

Dental clinic saw 10 adult patients.  Struan and Charlenegot many thank yous today and even a hug.  They are working miracles with limited supplies and intense heat.  Gloves are a challenge with sweaty hands.  They didmanaged to build a bridge today!  This work would have cost $3000 in Canada.  The grateful patient with his smile, was payment enough.

Eye glass clinic saw 139 people with many challenging cases.  One lady was 88 with cataracts and we were sure we couldn't help her.  However we were able to fit her with some glasses that would help her walk.  She was so delighted to be able to see, she kissed us all with tears in her eyes.

We have settled in, comfortable, over feed, and enjoying the Haitian people and culture.

Team Trinity