Trinity Lutheran Day 3
Here we are again.  The day started early with our rooftop devotions by Gisela from Isaiah 40:31.  We were encouraged to wait on God, be renewed and strengthened. We then enjoyed pancake breakfast from Lucianna, with Haitian syrup and star anise.

The dental clinic hit the ground running.  The Haitian dentist showed up with his drill and stayed to assist and translate.  They saw 12 patients today.  Struan informs that the children were a challenge since they had never seen a dentist before.  The first few children were excellent patients, but by their reactions, the team could tell they had been telling stories.  Struan says, "bad news travels fast".  The adults were much more willing patients.

The eye glass clinic saw 77 patients with plans for over 100 tomorrow.  They came young and old.  A few heart breaking stories as the team was unable to help with glaucoma, cataracts, and eye growths.  One baby had red eyes with cloudy corneas.  On a positive note, Sharon and Rhea Lynne are now writing prescriptions.  The Haitians are insistent they receive prescriptions for recommendations of artificial tears.  Just not sure where they can buy tears or how they will pay for it.  Liam started the day on Team Val but ended on Team Liam.  He quickly became Shirley's superhero with his expert testing and troubleshooting abilities.  Val was thrilled when her sponsor child Aquila attended the eyeglass clinic!  The team worked hard !

After a much needed shower, Val, Rhea Lynne and Marilyn headed over to meet the Children's Village families.  They were welcomed into their homes, sat on their couches, shared gifts, took photos and played with the children.  Who ever gets to do that with their sponsor children?  It was such an honor to see the love those families share.  If you did not know their tragic beginnings and foster stories, you would have been certain they were biological families.

We closed the day with a turkey one is coming home lighter!  Rooftop music hosted by Struan and Timmy from Oregon.  We are content, safe and in the arms of Jesus!  Sending our love and prayers home.

Team Trinity