Hello Friends and Family!  Today we had our first full day.  We spent the morning getting our clinics set up, cleaning, organizing, on the ground training as well.  We managed to drum up curiosity from the trade school professors and students, so they made perfect subjects to get our system worked out.  The dental clinic even saw a patient and have another one coming first thing.  There has been a few hick ups, which add to our adventure.  We are getting a crash course in being MacGyver's and how to network Haitian style.  Our dental clinic is missing a drill so Marilyn and Frankie have sourced one from a local dentist, as long as he can bird dog Struan and Charlene!  Should make for some more interesting stories tomorrow.  Eye clinic manged to examine 45 people, young and old.  Church was two hours and not a minute too short.  Lisa challenged the congregation to share what they learned in last weeks service when she was gone.  She then proceeded to sit down and wait.  All I could think was, "what would Trinity do to PJ if he did that?"  Remarkably, four people rose to the challenge!  After service, Val saw LaPatience (lady with sore hip), and it was a reunion like no other.  We are excited to see Val take her the walker she brought.  Lisa translated to LaPatience that Val has prayed daily for her, and the woman almost wept!  God is moving here and it is life changing!  Sending all our love home!
Rhea Lynne & friends