Well the team is all tucked in and trying to get a few zzzz's before their early departure into PAP for their flights home in the morning.  It's been a great 12 days with this crazy crew! We have shared a lot of things with each other this trip including a few tears and a whole lot of laughs and I am just really thankful to have had the chance to get to know each one of them better. Without naming anyone in particular (Clark) it's sure gonna be quiet here tomorrow!

I have been teased a little bit this week for not taking a turn blogging but quite honestly the rest of the team had so many more exciting stories to share that I loved hearing about and knew others would as well. But today was definitely a blog worthy day. As far as Sundays go, today was a very typical one at Haiti Arise with church starting early in the morning, jam packed and worshipful. You can never really get tired of the way the Haitians here adore and praise our God. But today was so special. Pastor Wade shared a challenging message about how we need to have the right attitude, and how anger in particular does not produce the righteousness God desires. As he concluded his message, he called all those who were struggling with this to come to the altar. As people continued to flood to the front it was so humbling to see that almost more people responded to the call than were left sitting in their seats. This was followed by Pastor Marc asking if anyone wanted to come forward to accept Jesus. Two young ladies did. Tears welled up in my eyes when I realized that one day I would be sharing heaven with these two girls. We live miles away and don't look the same or speak the same language but we are in the same family as far as Christ is concerned. The angels were definitely singing this morning.

Haiti Arise was first and foremost built around the church. It is the foundation of this organization and every other single ministry here flows out of that. I was reminded today of just how much God is at work here.  Please keep this church in your prayers as they continue to bring light and life to these people. May we learn by their example and be encouraged to do the same in Canada.

I will be in Haiti for 10 more days getting student updates to send to all you wonderful sponsors and your prayers are greatly appreciated. No snow, cute little Haitian children, an occasional trip to the beach...clearly I have the best job ever!

Tan :)