We would like to start by apologizing to anyone who was relying on this blog to know we are safe and sound in Haiti because it hasn’t been updated in a couple days. (we won’t say who failed to update the blog but we just want to let everyone know Clark, Graham and Jurgen were away from WIFI for the last three days). We are pleased to inform you that yes we are alive and well and have been busy with many adventures away from the Haiti Arise compound down south building homes. 

While without internet/power/running water and many other amenities we found ourselves very busy building relationships as well as homes for Haitian people who have been displaced from the hurricane that ravaged the area in October.  Driving into the area our hearts were really drawn to helping as best as we could because the need was so apparent.  Even the pictures we have attached barely capture the true devastation and need for safe homes in this region.  There were families waiting for a long time to have a reliable roof over their heads and were so eager to help out however they could… we hauled material up steep hills and even the youngest family members were helping move the supplies.  We really wished we could help everyone but obviously that is not a reality.  Definitely don’t envy those who are tasked with deciding who gets a house as that is such a tough position to be in.  We were approached multiple times during our stay by people in the community who also wanted a home.  For those we were able to build for it was so rewarding to see the joy that a new home was able to bring.

This morning as we were walking down the hill it was humbling to have both members of the community (the mayor met us on the side of the mountain!) and the crew we were working with all wanted us to stay and continue.  We left wishing we could have done a lot more but are so grateful for the opportunity we had to help with what we could.  Please continue to have Haiti in your prayers and definitely consider partnering with such a worthwhile ministry. 

 Clark, Graham and the non-blogger