This is Stacey & Kiersten.  We had the opportunity to go south in Haiti to Gwen & Saint Helen to rebuild homes.  Devastation in the community was evident as trees were toppled over, homes were missing walls, roofs or even lying in a heap on the ground.  Most of these homes were still being lived in with no protection from the elements or privacy from neighbours.  Haiti Arise has an amazing home building program where they form crews consisting of the home owner, employees from Haiti Arise and locals from the community to rebuild homes for families.  We had the privilege of being involved in these teams and were able to participate in multiple home building projects.  In 3 days there were 5 homes that were constructed.  There was one family that we were able to connect with on a deeper level as we heard their story of how the hurricane impacted their life.  They lost absolutely everything they had worked so hard for; including all belongings, livestock and crops.  With the support of donors and the home building program at Haiti Arise in 2 days we were able to change their lives.  The family was so excited, joyful and proud of their new home and a fresh start.  God’s provision and presence was evident throughout the past 3 days.  We felt protected and supported in the community and construction went smoothly without any obstacles.  The Haitians are so resilient and thriving amongst the hardest of conditions.  We witnessed them plowing crops, planting seeds and rebuilding their community.

Seeds of hope have been planted and will continue to grow in Haiti.