A few days in I continue to reflect on how there is so much resilience to life in Haiti. The things I have seen and experienced in the small clinic in Grand Goave will change me FOREVER. People who come to clinic are truly ill and need medicine so bad. They need regular medicine. I have taught many young people some basic care to help with their daily life, especially young girls. The light that comes to their eyes and the smile is hard to put into words.  My heart just yearns to bring whatever I can to the clinic to make them better in that moment. A real high is when a young childafter a few moments with me starts to move closer and smile, then closer and reaches out to touch my hand , then my arm and rub my skin, the warmth is overwhelming . The zest herefor survival is palpable.  We must do more for these people, we can do more for these people ! Lets continue to pray for Haiti and bring a lot of love to this sweet Grand Goave. I am humbled and in awe of their incredible desire to commit to Christianityand stay away from the darkness that isprevalent in Haiti . They are truly an amazing and beautiful people ……… remember ,  “Life Keeps Finding It’s Way “ Susan Thorne ( aka Dr. Thorne  ) Pray for Gerta my translator that she will get a job, she just graduated from nrsg. School and she is invaluable to her country Haiti.