Two members of our team packed up and headed off to the south early this morning. Norm and Brad got up at 3am to join the house building project. The first build began today and the two will be working with a team of Haitians for the next 2 days before returning to the Haiti ARISE campus. We can't wait to hear their stories.

 The rest of our team tackled a number of tasks today. Brian, Vern and Troy got started putting cupboards into the final Children's Village home as well as working with Papi, a Haitian electrician, to get the electrical system set up in the same home. Bev, who has been experiencing some knee pain, began sewing a cover for the keyboard and pulpit at church. She also fixed and recovered a chair in the main room that was quite uncomfortable to sit in. Haley, Sarah, Mackenzie and Shameeka had a blast helping Tanya with the Education Fund and updating the children's sponsorship information. Brent and I put a new coat of white paint on the front and side walls of Manahaïm Church. 

An overall great day in Grand Goave as we all ended the day with a debriefing on the roof. Please keep the building team in your prayers, we have little to no contact with them at this time. Also pray for good health as a few of us haven't been feeling the greatest for the last few days.