Today was our first full work day, more for some then others as Stacy and Kiersten woke just after 3am to headed south and build homes. I can only imagine the changes they will face down south as we find it very challenging working in the normal Haitian world. We heard back from the south team at noon and they had already arrived and started building their first house.

If you did not know already from the words of JS - “God has a sense of humour”. I told God I will serve you “but” and he sent the “but”. As most know I am a very patient guy and on my first full Haitian work day I was tested. It started off with a very simple project. At least I would have called it simple back home. The plan was to disassemble a hydraulic ram off of the skid steer so I could get parts ordered and make a repair that would save many workers from labouring in the hot sun carrying heavy loads.

After carrying my box of tools about 600 meters to the skid steering at the children’s village I thought I would just try saving my back and put the box on my head like the Haitians do. Shorty after I learned the importance of putting my hat in the box (just try it and you will understand). After getting back to the compound with the hydraulic ram I really found all the things I take for granted like a work bench or even just a screw driver or a bolt that is the proper size.

With all the struggles God brought a little worker beside me and this truly humoured me and put a smile on my face. This seven year old girl reminded me of my daughter as her English was awesome, actually so good that her English was a lot better then mine. I was always told that to be good at something you must do lots of it, and yes she had lots of practice as she sang and brought joy to my heart as I worked. 

Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray as we serve our awesome God,

PS. Just heard from the girls in the south and it is hot, they are sharing a double bed, with no running water and a goat tied to the window! Welcome to Haiti!

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