We have nothing, but we have everything, and in Canada you have everything, but you have nothing" - quote from a Haitian man 

The quote above is one that we have seen the truth of, as the Haitian people here have very little in comparison to Canadians. Today we saw this in church as these same people have shown us what true worship is. During worship many of the people were focused on one thing...God. They danced and sang with all of their hearts and souls (Maybe it is something we can bring home with us). Their  music was very powerful and loud. They have one volume...LOUD! When it came time to give an offering, people would give what they had even though they didn't have much to begin with. 

In the afternoon some people went to the Tapion Church, which is a church made up of children. Most of these children choose to go to church and also walk miles to get there (some may walk up to or over two hours to get there). It was amazing as they sang some of the songs that we sing in English. 

The ones that did not go to the Church went to the beach. I (Shameeka) went to the ocean for the very first time. I never saw the ocean in person, so it was an awesome thing to experience! There have been a lot of firsts for me. I have never been outside of Saskatchewan before. This was one of many great adventures I have had. I got to see many cool fish and I also saw jellyfish and I was very freaked out! But it was a lot of fun!!!! 

We went out for supper tonight to the Goat and Coke (Mondy's). We had a choice between goat and chicken to eat with spiced coleslaw and plantains. Brian and I had chicken, but I also tried a little goat and it tastes really good! We also had Haitian coke. It tasted very good! (it is sweetened with sugar cane).

-Shameeka and Brian 

Just presenting the weird and wonderful... Love you Shameeka 

Just presenting the weird and wonderful... Love you Shameeka