We started the day in church worshiping with the Haitian people. It's amazing how passionate and excited they are about worship. We all felt like we were a part of it despite the language barrier. It was a bit of a lesson on our passion, or lack of passion when we worship. We serve an amazing God.

We were also honored to be a part of a child dedication. A family from the children's village dedicated all three of their children. After that, we were so humbled, yet truly blessed when they invited us to their home to share a meal with us.

In the afternoon we went to the Tapion Church, a church made up of aprox 75 children. They hold an actual service, with worship, offering and a message. Again, to see the children worship, and listen so intently was awesome. We had an opportunity to sing with them, then they sang the same song back to us in Creole. We were truly blessed to be a part of this.

Tomorrow two of our girls are leaving early for down south to go home building, so we ask for you to pray along with us as they are away.

We all have commented on how we have become close to one another, another great experience for each of us.

It seems like every day at de-brief we talk about how the Lord has blessed us in a different way this day. God is definitely moving in us as we are here and blessing us in ways we never thought.

Thanks for your prayers: the NON-blogger...Jurgen