Today started in cold NYC and by the time we entered the plane , the “warmth” was starting. It was obvious right off the bat the start of culture change/shock .By the end of flight many Haitians on the flight with us were interacting and we were forming those new relationships that all people need so much. 
 Coming out of the airport things started to turn again, the language was foreign, the temperatures foreign , people WERE observing us. Truly a time where you feel like your in a visual fish bowl. Then the twisting winding route of our travel began......And thats when we had the chance to observe the beginning glimpses of the land Haiti that we have been thinking and planning and praying for.

Wow the fascination with how many people and motorcycles, the incredible garbage and disarray and the palpable poverty of housing, lack of belongings, animals running free on the streets no order of driving or people crossing roads, people with nothing !trying to sell, anything they could on the Street Sides and it hit me in the middle of what I would call chaos and disorder and extreme “lack” that none of us could fathom.... Life keeps finding its way, people are bright, smiling and busying themselves with tasks and each other, a resilience a youth vibrant presence. God's warmth is present in Haiti , “Life does keep finding its way” and we need to continue to bring what ever we can of God’s love and warmth.