Before we began our day today, our team spent some of our morning devotional time sharing what God has been saying to us. We discussed taking significant time out of our days to be silent and meet with God, and how prepared we would be to let go of our earthly possessions to live simply as the Hatians do if God were to so call us. It was mentioned that we sometimes forget to pray for the people, the church, and our sponsor children here. Another team member talked about how we have a tendancy to look at the Haitians with pity because of the extreme poverty in which they live, yet God's message is that in His kingdom, the last shall be first. Our team devotions are a valuable time for us to come together and set our eyes on Jesus before we start our work.

This morning we were split between 4 different projects. Austin, Devin and Dakota worked on rebuilding the play structure in the schoolyard. Even though they have to take breaks from their work when the kids come out for recess, there is much noticeable progress, and the kids are clearly excited about the guys' tools and the new pieces of equipment. Teanna joined some members of the other team to pick rocks at the Children's Village in order to make lawn maitenance possible (if you don't know what the Children's Village is, you'll have to ask one of us about it when we get back- it's a neat concept!) Danielle, Shanda, Brittany, Carly, and Damen finished up a little varnishing, and then started working on some pews for a church with which Haiti Arise has begun an outreach. Lastly, Justin went on an excursion to Port au Prince, which he is excited to blog about once I'm finished up!

In the afternoon, both our team and the other team combined forces to tackle day 1 of VBS for 200 kids. Our theme for the 2 days is the Armour of God. We began with worship and a skit, and then split the kids in half for craft/snack and games. The kids got to decorate flip flops (feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace- Ephesians 6:15) and had a tonne of fun wearing out the guys who were running games!

After dinner we went to the church for an evening of worship and prayer. I think we are all sufficiently exhausted from a busy day!

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