Most of the team woke up exhausted from lack of sleep, due to exhaustion, but not me.  I discovered a great strategy and shared it with the team:  When you wake up at 3:oo a.m. and can't return to sleep because you are too hot, just have a cold shower, pajamas and all.  Works like a charm...I'm tellin ya....and you can bet where I'll be tonite at 3:00 a.m. when I can't sleep.

In the morning, I had the wonderful opportunity to help Tanya with the sponsership program.  We entered a buzzing pre-school class, handed out pictures of flowers to colour, and then tried to assist children to have info. recorded and photos taken.  This was not an easy task, and I learned it was important to watch cues from both the Haitian and Canadian leaders.

Tanya is a seasoned worker, but even she had to roll with it, and change plans in an instance.   One exciting thing is that Saffron and I were able to find our sponser child today for our family....straight from his classroom.  What a blessing to see this child in person, and witness his lively personality in an open-walled classroom! 

Before supper, we were able to go up and down the hills of a nearby willage, in order to share love, our stories, and prayers with the Haitians living there.  It was one of the poorest parts, and we saw women without shirts, rubble for homes, and multiple family members living in a tiny space.  Children running bear feet everywhere up steep hills of rocks.  These people have lost so much, they live in such poverty and yet they were open to our prayers and conversation.  What a humbing experience!  It reminded me of how Jesus walked into depair and shared love, truth, and hope wherever he went.  What an honour to be a part of this mission!

Love to Greg, Jude and Isaiah.  I miss you dearly and think of you often!