The Medicine Hat Link Teams have arrived!!! After filling out our applications last fall, to having our first team meeting in early January, months of preparatations & fundraising and two days of travel! It really is a little surreal, but slowly sinking in as we settle in.  After landing in Port-au-Prince from Miami, our two hour drive to Grand Goave gave us a real taste of Haiti - seeing the locals along the dirt-ridden streets & canals, to crazy local drivers (we were in hands of good drivers though), locals selling their wares (right up to our vehicles) to many stray animals wandering around. It was a welcome sight to entered the secure, gated campus of Haiti Arise.

Our amazing team hosts Wade and Marilyn met us at airport, travelled with us to Grand Goave, gave us orientation to the guest house and many great tips of the dos and don'ts while here.

After getting unpacking all our stuff, including about 30 checked bags, majority of which were supplies -including all the backpacks and schools supplies (amazing the amount collected!), we had a great supper of chicken, rice and beans, salad, juicy mangoes and bread!  On the roof top of our housing complex we had a very informative meeting by the founders of Haiti Arise - Marc and Lisa Honorat. It was just amazing to hear their vision of Haiti Arise which they started in 2003. This inculdes rebuilding the tech school here after the earthquake in January 2010. Things seem to be always changing and improving here at Haiti Arise, including new property they own for future expansion and development of the campus.  Just amazing their faith and passion for the people of Haiti!  Looking forward to how we can do a small part to contribute to their vision!  As they said God brought us here for a reason.  So blessed for the opportunity to be here!!!   For now baybay, mezanmi (Creole for bye bye friends).
Rhonda Risdale