Today we finally arrived in Haiti!! Its been a long journey, and it feels amazing to finally be here. I think everyone is happy to be done carrying huge bags, packed with backpacks, shoes, and school supplies for the kids here. Seeing the pile of things that we unpacked, I'm amazed at the amount of stuff we were actully able to bring down! It was worth the heavy suitcases!!

Flying in, it was amazing to look out over the ocean, seeing all the little islands, and eventually seeing Haiti. Being in an airplane and seeing the world from up above always reminds me how small we really are and how truly big and amazing God is, with His incredible design of it all.
Our drive to the compound was about an hour and a half and was very impacting for our whole team. Aside from the lack of road rules and crazy drivers, there is so much to absorb, looking around. There are so many people all around, buildings and shacks are so crowded together. Its hard to wrap your mind around all you are seeing and even imagine what it would be like to live in these places. I find it especially hard seeing small children in these conditions. It was definitlely overwhelming at points. However this eveing we were able to have a meeting with Marc and Lisa on the rooftop, and they shared their story, as well as some of what Haiti Arise is doing currently and also their vision for the future. Its encouraging to see them making a tangible difference here, creating real change that will impact the future of Haiti. I feel very blessed to be able to join in with them and support what they are doing here. 
Carlie Gries