Well we at BEMC from Three Hills are here at Hait Arise for the fourth year in a row and we were so excited to be meeting up with friends from past years. I love walking out of the airport and seein friendly faces from both haiti and other teams that we have served with before. We left on our journey on sunday and for the first time we had no hicups on our way down, travel went smoothly and all our bags arrived. Today is tuesday and we did the tour around all the sites that are being worked on. Its always so amazing to see how much things have changed over the past year.

tomorrow we will be really getting into our projects, the focus being on getting everything completed in the duplex at the childrens village so we can move the first house parents in and get them settled. Such an exciting time to be here and see the first parents moving in. The school is well underway as well and the progess of the whole childrens village is awesome. This is my 4th year straight being here and i cant tell you what it does to my heart to see the visions coming to reality. i am so grateful to all those who have supported us so that we were able to come down and serve again.

My last thought for the night is one of humbleness... tonight we had bible study at the church once again, it always hits me how passionate they are about our wonderful Saviuor and Lord! We may live in different worlds, and speak a different language but we serve the same one and only true God. We read the same words from the scriptures and truly want to love the same man that died on the cross for our sins...

blessings from Haiti

Aaron Sept