Great first day for Impact Haiti 2016! Our team of 9 are here and excited to be part of what Haiti Arise is doing here in Grand Goave, Haiti. We had a relatively uneventful trip here and thankful that our 20 pieces of luggage all made it here in one piece!
We began the day by walking around the compound and outside the walls to see how projects have progressed, catching up a bit with our hosts Wade and Marilyn and greeting all our friends here from years past!  We were excited to see that the elementary school was well under way and everyone working on this were Haitians.
The duplexes that have been worked on other years are far enough progressed that the first couple will be moving in this weekend!  Before then we have furniture to put together, appliances to hook up and a welcome mat to get put at the door.  The "first parents to the orphans" are in training this week and we had the privilege of meeting them today as well.
The team rolled their sleeves up after our walk about and started on a few projects.  The load of luggage we brought resulted in 183 hygiene/ children's packages.......the guys got going on ripping down and building a fence in the school yard....oh ya, sorry don't want to forget Brooke in that......she had to be in the mix with her shovel in hand! 
So many exciting things to cover....but let me show you pictures as that always gives the best story... doubt we are happy to be hear.....feel the together as a team....and experience all that God has prepared for us to be part of.  Amazing culture, amazing spirit,....we are thankful to be part of it.