well its been another amazing experience here and hard to say goodnight and goodbye to friends we have come to cherish. Coming home is never easy in a lot of ways after you go through an experience like this.... sensory overload is how i like to explain it. Thank you to our church for the fiancial support so we were all able to make this journey. The support we get year after year from the friends in our church is such a blessing. I am humbled once again that God has provided and let me be apart of this team. As i reflect back on the last couple of weeks I am just so thankful for our team, the amazing staff/midterm missionaries at the compound, Marc and Lisa and most of all our heavenly Father! 

Each trip comes with new adventures and a new team. Watching members of your team go through the emotional and spiritual ups and downs on a trip like this is taxing but so rewarding. To be able to hold a child that you sponsor through school and talk to them about their lives is something that you cant really put into words.... I watched as both teams had individuals that one by one met with their sponsor children. Faces beaming and hearts full of love is what I watched over and over, then it was my turn... holding that innocent little child that without my help may or may not get 1 meal that day and possibly would get a couple years of schooling if they are lucky, just breaks your heart. But there is a hope, and a vision. thank you to everyone that is involved in any capacity with a mission. Haiti Arise is just one small cog in this wheel. What they are doing day after day and year after year is changing a people and a country. there are so many of these kind of organizations out there but this one has my heart and my passion. The friends ive made over four years of meeting staff and teams and haitians has changed my life forever. Watching my friend papa Roy work with his team of Haitians or Keith and Andrea working with the CV and the house parents, the calmness of wade and marilyn guiding us through our two week journey all adds to the experience.

What can i say about my true friends Marc and Lisa, they have a vision and they have put it into motion years ago. We love what you are doing and stand beside you everyday as you move forward. thank you for opening up a new world for us to grow and help others. We will miss you all until next year...

in closing out this years trip id like to leave you all with one thought.. we are all the same people no matter what color we are or where we live. We serve the same God and we pray for the same things. Family, finances, relationships are no different in any culture. They are all stresses that seem out of our control. trust God that he is in control and seek his direction. Lets not forget that our missionfield doesnt need to be across the ocean, its right at home. We were able to live in another culture and open our eyes in many different ways to things that we overlook at home. its always easy to see the desperation in the people of haiti, and yet a joy that fills them. We need to be aware of the desperation in the people around us in our everyday life, and show them the joy that we have in our Lord and Saviour.