Our final day for this year.....what a terrific day as we spent some more time with sponsored children....or in Damon, Delores and Lukis case got to sponsor a child of their own.  As she modelled her new sunglasses for all to see there was beaming faces all around seeing that such a little gesture brought great joy.

What a people! What a time!  Again, as we leave, we are more blessed than certainly what we were able to give.  So many moments of this trip don't have words.  The children today that would undo the ties in their hair just so you would pay a little attention to them to re-tie them.  Just went to show that it doesn't take much to affect a life and just a few moments with them make a difference in their day.

This team wasn't without its struggles.  In getting here the road seemed tough, but the struggle was worth the reward and we leave with a smile on our face and renewed joy in our hearts for the Haitian people.

Thank you to so many here that made this trip and all the efforts so worthwhile. To Marc and Lisa, thank you for staying the course as a vision this large does not come to fruition easily.  Our prayers will be with you in the coming months as you press on towards what God has been calling you to!  Wade and Marilyn, thank you for your endless hours of taking care of us.  Your guidance and direction of our Canadian mindsets I know can be difficult at times....so thank you for sticking it out to the end with us.  You definitely made our trip when you threw us in the back of the pick up truck and helped us look up and down the streets to find the families of our sponsored children.  Our week truly came alive with those visits.

Bethel, it was an honour to serve with you again.  We so enjoyed the first time we were here with you and it was no different this time.  Thank you for all the efforts you put forward this week in making us feel a part of you and partnering with us.  

The best part.....thank you to our Haitian family....becasue that is what you are to us now.  Seeing all the familiar faces and being welcomed by you was and is a great treasure that we take home with us.  May the Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again.  You will be often in our thoughts and in our prayers for your continued blessing on other teams and with each other.  Thank you for truly teaching us what the meaning of community is and how to live with radical faith.

Until we meet again......