Hello all of my family and friends back in Kingston!  I sure hope you all get to read this and arent stuck in a snowbank somewhere.... ;)  What a great day today was!!  Wayne, Damon, Brooke, Lucas and I finally got the contruction on the fence completed.  After it was all done, several of peeps from both teams pitched in to paint it and the playground equipment.  It looks fantastic!

Some of the other members of the team, including Karen, Liz and Delores got to do some more painting at the guest house.  Colleen today did lots of sewing with her new buddy Victoria.

Karen and I were very excited to be able to visit our sponsor children and meet their families!  We were able to give them some gifts and much needed supplies.  How cool is that!?


We are all having a great time here helping out, visiting locals, meeting new friends, growing closer to existing friends and most importantly serving our Lord!  We can't wait to see everyone when we get back!

Bon Jay Ben U  (God Bless You)