Another beautiful day in Haiti. There was a bit more of a breeze today which felt nice.  A bit of somber feeling for many as we come closer to our final days.  We had the opportunity to finish up on many of the projects we had started at the beginning of the week.  To see the list have so many projects crossed off is exciting.  

This being my second year to Haiti, during my previous year a few of us had the opportunity to help an elderly Haitian lady who had a stroke and now needed to use a wheelchair full time.  We had found out that she didnt go far from her place because the wheelchair did not have any where for her to rest her feet on and they would drag on the ground.  A few of us had helped with the wheelchair and placed feet on it.  This year we had decided to follow up and see how she was.  We went to visit her and she welcomed us in too her home.  We had showed her some picures from last year with us together and she defintiely remembered us.  So amazing to see her smile. This evening we saw her at church, I walked over to say Hello and she reached out her hand to me and gave me a kiss. Its truly amazing to see familiar faces and so many smiles.

The moon was so bright this evening during our debriefing as we sat on the roof, a fabulous way to end one of our last nights in Haiti.