Greetings to our friends in Three Hills,

We thank you for giving us this chance to experience and minister at Haiti Arise.  The variety of opportunities, the fellow team members, the staff and participants here at Haiti Arise have all added to a wonderful time.  We are definitely blessed by all we have been able to see and do here.

The weekend (Saturday and Sunday) was a welcome change of pace.  Going to the beach, Sunday worship with the Haitians and eating out at a local restaurant were great exposures to more of the local culture.

Today it was time to get back to work - although we were aware that you were all relaxing on Family Day :-)

This morning our team members were diligently working on different projects - painting the Guard House at the Children's village, final preparations on the duplex at the Children's Village, visiting the sewing class at the Tech School and painting the Guest House - inside and outside.

After lunch the work continued on the projects with less manpower because some prepared to go on Visitation mid-afternoon.  The visitation teams met with several local families for sharing and prayer.  There was also an opportunity to visit a ladies prayer group.

We are all very aware that our time here is coming to an end.  We are starting to talk and prepare ourselves for what leaving may be like.

But for now we will anticipate our last 2 days of experiences and make the most of what we are given.