What a beautiful country! When we arrived last Monday I thought that the mountain was a mural on the terminal wall, but it was the mountains north of the airport. Haiti is such a beautiful country! I saw hope as we drove from Port-au-Prince to Grande Guave as new concrete buildings appeared on nearly every block. I could see the pride of a nation even in the organization of the garbage along the street. We didn't leave campus much in the early part of our visit since we were organizing the tie-dying of the shirts. My heart was warmed to see kids get to pick their own colours for their shirts. The Haiti flag--red and dark blue--was a popular choice among the boys.

We did get a chance to visit the Children's Village down the street and saw the beginning of contruction of the new school and the near completion of the duplex for the "families." The crew was Haitian led by Roy the engineer who spec'd the contstruction to 8.0 Richter scale.



This is the community development that helps train a new generation. Everybody gets to work. \i could see the pride of the builders as they formed, parged and sponged of the smooth stucco. There was even a young lady learning the trade amongst the men. My Aunt Roxanne, an engineer, would be proud.


Back on campus of Haiti Arise, we broke into teams of volunteers for various tasks that needed done. I led the team assigned to repair the fence around the "temporary" school. Fortunately, for the start of the project, the kids were home to celebrate Carnival, so we were able to get a good head start without disturbing their schooling. I have been immensely enjoying our team of Wayne, Joe and Brooke as we set new posts and fastened new boards. My new friend Ronald picked up new rough 2x4" for post and 1x6" for boards. My other new friend Desi dusted off a Jumping Jack to help tamp down the posts.



The weekend brought a welcome rest as our bodies were still adjusting to the Haitian winter which is like high summer in Ontario--hot and humid. We hit the beach which was stunning--I have never seen trees growing so close to the water that they offered shade in the late afternoon. I hope that future development doesn't have concrete replace the trees! In the first of two wonderful church services, my friend Roland let me sing a new song "Born to Make an Impact" for the church. Many and Lisa helped with the translation into Creole, although I didn't try to sing it in Creole! Then we went to Tapion childrens church which was completely adorable! Mostly children attend this church and it is so delightful to see them learn about the Lord. We went for goat and coke for supper. The goat was delicious! The pop was served in 500ml glass bottles! Sterling, the director of the trade school runs a taxi, a tap-tap, and he drove us around town on tour as we waited for our dinner.

Today we completed the main fence and started on the final leg before doing visitations in the town. We didn't go far from campus but were able to pray for three families and one lone cow herd resting under a tree. The children we recognized from our tie-dying, so it was exciting to see them coming to church!

There is a passage in Ezekiel that Pastor Cameron has preached on before and I feel that here in Haiti that I am immersed in the deep part of the river and the wave a passing over me. I love this beautiful country!