Hey Bethel I guess you get me to blog for today, oh yah it's Virginia. Well today was kinda another off day, we got up at 6 then went to church, wich by the way was super cool, I could not understand some times but oh man it was like a wave came in and washed us to a hole nother country or something it was incredible. The people were singing like six different song all at once but the cool thing was is that it worked, evreyone sang what was on there harts. And you found yourself moving even if you didn't want to, you were so packed that you felt like you were at a pro baseball stuck between a crowd of shirtless, hairy, american men on hte hotest day of the summer in mexico. but honestly you don't notice till after the servace when you look back at what happened. One of the things that realy hit home for me was when the Haitians started to pray, they all prayed at once and it was not the same words, at times it seemed that that they thought that the louder you yelled the clearer God could here you. Mom whent to the cildrens church when the person was preaching and you know the phrase people say, the police and pasters kids are the worst, well that proved to be true. Mom said that when the man was teaching Asher (the oldest Honerat) put lipsick on Kiki (the one who the Honerats are adopting) then Kiki turned around and panced another boy. Anyway Damen (from kingston) wrote a song and we sang that in church, I don't know why most of the people can't speack engish, but whatever.

After church me and my brothers hung around we emailed my Dad, ate lunch, oh yah Mom had brought cinamon harts and chocalate for us for today, mines almost gone because I shared with Giffen (a long term missiary kid) and Russ, and not a bad thing by the way. We were going to go back to the beach today but we weren't invided when they went so no go, I wasn't going to go in anyway because of yesterday. If yu have not already herd I was stung by a Jellyfish, I still have a red spot, and poor ada (Griffens sister) she had got a rash and the water is salty we thought that it would make the rash better but it made it worse. Anyways we hung around till we went to tappion.

What tappion was is a church for childrgen it was cool and after that we went to Mondy's, a restrant in Grand Grave some call it goat and coke for one simple reason you get goat or chiken and coke, my family got two goat and two chiken then we split, and now we are at home in Haiti Arise playing games and blogging. Abigale if you are reading this I wish you were hear with me you would love it there are childen here that you would love. You would love the fruit and the games and kids and the food and everything, Ibought you a braslet that the people here in haiti arise make by hand and it has your name on it. anyways my eyes are starting to hurt so I must get off, bye Bethel.



If I spelt alot wrong there is no spell check:)