Our first day fully immersed in the Haitian atmosphere.  Church started off the day at 7:00, yes you heard me, 7:00 AM  we walked down the laneway to the beautiful outdoor church where we spent the next 2 1/2 hours praising and worshipping God in song, prayer, message and testimony.  Where others churches may have a sparse attendance at this time of the morning, the church was packed,  the Haitians excitedly raising their hands in praise.  Even though we 'blancs' don't understand every word spoken or song sung, God is definitely present.  Joe stepped up and gave his testimony, giving glory to God for answers to prayer in his family. It is such a joy to witness the Haitians as a community, they truly know how to love and care for each other.  

Today was also a time to see some familiar faces......the wheelchair lady and Dani, a young lady we connected with last year.  So exciting, a warm hug and beaming smile makes us realize that they have remembered us.  We can't wait until Monday & Tuesday to experience other community visits. 

Tapion Children's Church is always a highlight on our trip to Haiti.  A church that started several years ago as an extension of the Haiti Arise Church is now a Children's Only church, coming from all over the community to listen to Johnny and Rosalyn give a story, sometimes with flannelgraph, songs, and sometimes to have visits from church teams. Today we lead the kids in 'The Banana Song' and handed out bracelets and suckers which brought smiles to their little faces.  

A relaxing end to our day was a visit to the only local restaurant, 'The Goat & Coke' or (chicken & 7-up), depending on your order.  Impact team rode on a Tap Tap (the Haitian cab) through the winding, bumpy roads....but what fun and the ride back was on a small truck cab - Yeehaw!!!