Hello from Haiti from Dolores :)

Today was market day and the first day our team was outside the compound to interact with locals and get a taste of Haitian culture.  Since we arrived we have been doing work projects and VBS with a few hundred amazing kids and so everyone was longing to head out and explore...a hike through the jungle and a tour of back yards/alleys to arrive at the market... filled with such sights and sounds and smells my head is still trying to process it all.  Women balancing baskets on their heads of enormous size and filled with all manner of things as I discovered looking up into a three foot wide basket of 20 live chickens on this lady's head...your brain just goes 'What?'  I saw little girls balancing pails of water and a man trying to stop 4 five gallon pails from spilling in his wheel barrow and it just floors you to realize how hard people have to work just to have water to drink and be clean...we just turn on the tap and never think twice!  Once we were halfway through the market we came to the dry riverbed where the sellers park their donkeys and the view was amazing and came with a lovely breeze to blow away the smells we just encountered.  




We returned to Haiti Arise soaked in sweat and for me a feeling of heavy heartedness seeing people work so hard for so little. And yet there is a joy in them that defies logic...they laugh and smile and connect socially in a way that we have little time for back home, working for all our stuff.  

After lunch, since today is our first day off, we headed to the beach to enjoy some r&r and have fun.  Beyond beautiful and so welcome after a week of trying to function in 90% humidity!  The mountains and popsicle blue water were breathtaking...and one of the missionary kids, Griffen, caught a puffer fish with his homemade spear.  There was lobster cooked on the beach for those that like them and we were wet and cool in the shade and it was heaven. 

There is so much to process and say and its just trying to find the words to sum up the inexplicable seems impossible. I'm usually so articulate and emotive and I am just at a loss to try to communicate what I've experienced so far...wonderful missionaries and Haitians and scenery and hope and faith coupled with being way out of my comfort zone and sleep deprived makes for fertile ground for spiritual breakthroughs.  But I've learned that when the wave comes you take your Holy Spirit surf board and just ride the wave...and with the help of an amazing team of loving and supportive friends, I'm just hanging 10!