Tonight is my turn (Marilyn) to blog.

The days are so full it is hard to know where to begin. My first is to thank the church for praying for me. Tonight my grief is heavy but I do know that this is where I belong. Missing my brothers funeral is very hard but because of your prayers I am experienceing an overwhelming peace.

Thursday and Friday afternoon we were involved in VBS.  There were around 200 children on Thursday and 235 on Friday.  We provided the snack for them. Many of them are hungry so we wanted to give them something more substantial than candy. We purchased fresh bread (very different than our bread) and gave each child a peanut butter sandwich and a drink. One of the things we are told in our training is that mobs can happen very quickly. I had no idea!!! The children were on there way out the gate so not thinking Shanna and I decided we could walk across the road to the kitchen with the remaining sandwiches. Bad move!! Within a matter of 2 or 3 seconds I was being mobbed by 200 kids all grabbing at me and the sandwiches. Several people came over very quickly to help but it was almost impossible to hold the children back. Luckily Wade (our Host) was close by and rushed over. Using a whistle he was able to bring the mob to control so they could be ushered out of the compound. I am very thankful that this happened in a controlled environment. A lesson I will never forget.

Saturday was considered a day off. Ann, Sandra, Bruce, the Mann family and I went to the Guest house that was being painted and cleaned. We scraped the tile floors of dried grout and paint drops, swept, spot washed the floors. Bruce, Ann, Sandra and Jenny finished up the primer and Bruce got the first coat of paint on two rooms. Felt good to get that done.

Then in the afternoon we were at the beach.

As I sit here blogging it is currently pouring outside.  It's okay to have the rain at night, though, as it does cool things down. It will be muddy in the morning, however, when we head to church at 7 am. Church services run anywhere from 2 to 3 hours in length. This service is a highlight

This year has been a much better experience than last year. The people are so special. Of course they are like people everywhere in that there are those who do wish to harm you. But for the most part we are in an area where we are tolerated and in alot of cases accepted. Bruce and I had the privilege of spending some time with one of our sponsored children, Dieuna. When we met her last year she was very sullen and would barely talk to us. When she came over this year she just radiated joy! We chatted for some time through a translator. It does make a difference to sponsor a child. 

So, to be here, to be able to give a moment of hope to someone who probably doesn't have any is worth the trip. Are we going to change Haiti by doing this each year? No, probably not but we are called to encourage our brothers and sisters and this is our chance to do that. To see one smile because we prayed with them. To see the tired face of a Mom light up when we give them a small packet of supplies. To have a child run to you just to hold your hand as you walk done a path. These are the reasons we come.