What a day!  The morning was a mad rush after breakfast to get all of the tye-dyed shirts rinsed and hung so they would be dry by the time the kids came for VBS.  What a sight.  Every clothes line full from one end to the other with these amazing bright shirts.  

The rinsing was done on the roof in the bright Haiti sun.  ( We should have remembered more sun screen right Blossom?)  And we learned very quickly to check the rinse water very carefully before pouring it out over the edge of the roof. 

Three shirts went into the dirt and the razor wire.  We did get them back, but it was quite a suprise to see them shoot out of the bucket and over the side of the roof.  (I didn't tell them it was you Karen).

 After the rinsing it was time for some of us to join the children at school as they enjoyed a very energetic Valentines Party.  

After lunch we enjoyed part two of VBS.  With even more kids than yesterday, we served a total of 235 beautiful children.  I am ever amazed at the joy these kids have in the simple things.  A simple program with a group of crazy blancs dancing around to the Body Bop and Bananas Unite.  A simple story and a few games.  And a snack of peanut butter on bread.  These kids were so happy to be here with us from ages very young to teens.  Each one patiently (by haitian standards) waiting for each activity and their shirts.  


The thing that touched my heart the most was the way older siblings looked after the younger ones.  This little guy couldnt be more than a year old, and his brother (maybe 8 years old) brought him both days.  

And then there was the boy in the wheelchair.  I noticed this little guy yesterday as one of the kids who did not get to make a t-shirt.  I knew we had extra and I was so hoping that he would be back so I could make sure he got one anyway.  Talking with one of the Bethel team members, I found out that when she approached him she was shooed away with the explaination that he had a disease and the older brother didn't want her to catch it.  She was told that this brother takes care of him as even his parents are afraid to touch him.  

He did come back today, and the other team member came to find me.  She told me that the older brother had given his T-shirt to his little brother.  We went to find them and take them another shirt.  I told the older brother that he could have his shirt and that we had one for his brother.  This little guy was so full of joy!  He loved the comotion and the activity and was smiling from ear to ear.  We put his shirt on and both boys grinned.  As we parted, I told the older what a good brother he was and saw him swell with pride at being noticed.  Even now I have tears as I write this.  This little boy with Cerebral Palsy and his older brother who takes care of him and wanted to make sure he got a shirt.  

Regardless of where you are, in Haiti or in Canada, there is nothing more touching than Brotherly or Sisterly Love.


Na we pita!  (See you later)