Brooke here! Well so far so good! We've seen many familiar faces which, in my opinion, is one of the best parts about coming back to Haiti...being able to connect to the people of Haiti makes it so special to be able to carry out those relationships even though you are miles away! Then there's the heat....can never get use to the transition from our snowy Canadian weather to the 35 degrees in Haiti...but I'm not complaining much...I like heat over the cold. 

From the previous blog post, Wayne mentioned that I have a skin reaction.....lucky me. I managed to get into some kind of plant which my skin didn't react to it very well. So I get to experience first hand the Haitian Clinic located in the compound tomorrow morning. Could be interesting! The stuff on my face is clearing up pretty good compared to the gross growth on my arm! Joe says,"Brooke, hurry up and get better otherwise I won't be able to sell you for two goats". I know what a great team member....I worth like at least 4 goats! lol

I think so far this trip, working wise I've enjoyed working along side PaPa Noel...aka Roy, a long term missionary to Haiti. We get along great...and he doesn't try to sell me to the Haitian men..he defends me! haha 

We have blended well with the other team as well which is always a great feeling. You can get more accomplished as a team and thats what we all came down here to do. Out of both teams put together we have a big age range which is great to see the younger kids experience Haiti for the first time. 

Today specifically we did our first day of the kids program....It went well concidering how many kids we had and how much little time to do it in.  It rained....basically the entire time but the kids seemed to get a good chuckle out of our bannana song and Joe's wardrobe. Then came tie dye. I think the biggest struggle was to organize the kids to size for the shirts. It was quite entertaining to see mom (Karen) run around grabbing kids and placing them in groups. Tie dye went from detailed to.....let's throw some here and a little there. Overall the kids got labelled to their shirts and they're coming back tomorrow to pick them up! I'm excited to see what they think of their little creations. 

As a team though, we are I'm sure thinking the same thing as I am. I didn't think I would grow closer to my team members because we just spent 9 months prepping for the trip and spending all that time much closer could you get by just spending 10 days together? That's what Haiti does to you. You find yourself in situations and you look to your team for support. I've grown closer to becoming another daughter of Liz's to becoming "One of the Guys' working on the fence with Damon, Joe, and Wayne. I've gotten a couple nicknames but not sure which one will stick it out the Tank, Bunny, or spider tank?? uh 

Wayne just came over and told me I was embarrassing him because I'm writing a novel so for his sake I'm going to close it up! Look forward to reading other blogs and telling my stories when I get back home! I'm off to enjoy the rest of my trip!