Hi All,

Jenny here, day 3, and so much to say since I have not blogged yet. But I will start with today's activities. I took my turn sharing at devo this morning. My thought was "God meets us were we are at" so wither we are Haitian living in Grand Goave or from Three Hills we all have God's spirit working with us. This thought came from Wade (our host) who said the first night that he didn't think we slipped or fell into Haiti. We came here by God's design and he wants to meet us. Nothing could have been truer for me. There is a bit of a pressure knowing God has something planned for me. What is it?? Am I ready?? Emotionally?? Mentally??

We had a mixture of cream of wheat and cornmeal for breakfast. Surprisingly yummy. The Haitian food has been wonderful. From the roof today we happened to see some quite big fish brought in from the ocean and watched the lady cleaning them for a bit. They were fabulous for supper (skipped the goat).

After breakfast the kid's and I went to the guest house and helped out there until about 10:00 when the rain sent us home (I believe a group of our team went to the children's village as well) The kid's and I then worked on our puppet skit for VBS. It's coming along. We had to remember we would be doing this with an interpreter. 

The rain was beautiful!! Soft and Gentle. The weather was cooler and the rain kept it cool. 

We had lunch and then the Kingston team taught us how to make tye dye shirts. After that we made peanut butter sandwiches for snack at VBS. 

The kids started to arrive for VBS around 2:00 and the Haitian interpreter's took lead in the singing. (personally I think the two who did the singing today need to come to Bethal and do our VBS, they were great!) Next the Kingston team did a silly banna song, bible verse, and skit. Then we sorted the kids by lining them up tallest to shortest. I was asked to lead a group to the game area--and it was raining again. When I got there we started playing a game until Aaron arrived to lead games. However, due to the number of kids they decided to have an addition group that I was to lead, -but did not tell me. So Greg and Russel came over and we played games with the kids -in the rain. It was quite funny to see some of the little girls trying to tell the other kids what to do, but not sit on the wet ground in there pretty dresses. It was fantastic to see there bright open spirits. We had about 175 in attendance. This was an answer to prayer. Let me explain.

Yesterday when Karen and our hostess, Marilyn was discussing VBS, Marilyn said that we needed a counter at the gate and once we had 120 kids, we would close the gate and not allow any more in! This broke my heart. So I talked to her about it and she assured me that the kids in Haiti were not like the kid's in Canadian, and 120 would be all we could handle. So they did close the gate at a set time, however the guard came to Karen after we had finished our singing and said there were 30 kids standing out side the gate. What should they do?? Karen said let them in. So they were allowed, and now they say we can have that many again tomorrow. We are praying for the kids that God wants be here will come.

The Kington team did tye dye shirts with the kids while we did games and snacks-in the rain. Even though my glass became very wet and hard to see out of the rain was beautiful! When we finally sent the kids home, we were all happy and wet! I can not believe the pictures that must be out there of me being bare foot, dripping hair, and grinning. Maybe I will hide when they show pictures in church:)

After supper we, we met on the roof for nightly meeting only for it start a light rain again. We came in and finished downstairs. That when I found out Lis from the Kingston team prayed for rain! Thanks for your prayers. God does answer!

Please pray for the Cody, Virginia Star, and Levi as they do there puppet skit tomorrow.