Hello from Haiti.  I was supposed to do this post last night, but it was a busy day starting with team devotion at 0630 am and ending with our visit with Mark and Lisa at 930 pm.  I tried to enter our team password on the computer but it locked me out after several tries.  

   So this is Wayne.  It is hard to believe that it was over a year ago that that I was here.  Both Joe and I feel like it was not that long ago.  Seeing this place and the familiar faces, it is like we never left.  The process of giving nicknames is continuing.  Mine have been narrowed down to Gilligan or Giggles, but who knows if more will be added to the list.  Work on various projects is in full swing.  Both teams have been working on the first house in the Children's Village for the parents to move into on Saturday!  It is great to see this project moving forward.  Damon, Joe, Brooke and I have been working on repairs to the children's playground equipment and the fence around the school yard.  It is hard work in the heat but you get instant results.  The kid's were back today and climbed all over the play set.  It did not collapse so good work by us!!  We replaced about half of the fencing, trying to recycle wherever possible.  Wood in the ground does not last long around here.

   The heat and illness is taking a toll on us.  Lukis is slowly recovering from his pnuemonia, getting his strength back more each day.  Deloris finally slept through the night after looking after Lukis through his illness.  She is almost back to 100%.  Brooke got a bite or scratch on her arm Tuesday which is giving her some trouble.  A rash has developed near the area of the bite/scratch and has spread to her face.  Please keep these 3 in the forefront of your prayers and of course for the rest of us.  We are doing great work down here meeting new friends and connecting with existing ones.